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At WeCare Senior Relocation, we understand the importance of family involvement in the relocation process. That’s why we frequently work with adult children and family members of seniors, recognizing your crucial role in ensuring your loved one’s comfort and smooth transition. Our tailored approach involves you every step of the way, addressing concerns, accommodating preferences, and providing the support necessary to make the relocation experience seamless and stress-free for both seniors and their cherished families. Trust us to handle the logistics while keeping you informed and involved, ensuring a relocation journey that prioritizes your family’s peace of mind.

Tips to Avoid Relocation Stress Syndrome in Seniors
Tips to Avoid Relocation Stress Syndrome in Seniors

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Our Mission

At WeCare Senior Relocation, our mission is to provide compassionate, personalized support to seniors and their families during the often-challenging process of relocation. We are dedicated to ensuring a smooth, stress-free transition to a new chapter of life by offering expert guidance, emotional assistance, and practical solutions.

Who We Are

Founded on the principles of empathy and reliability, WeCare Senior Relocation comprises a team of experienced professionals passionate about aiding seniors in every aspect of their relocation journey. With a deep understanding of the unique needs and considerations of seniors, we strive to be trusted companions during this significant life transition.

What Sets Us Apart

Our approach is centered on the individual. We prioritize personalized care, recognizing that each senior has their own story, preferences, and concerns. By tailoring our services to meet these specific needs, we ensure a supportive, tailored experience that goes beyond just relocation logistics.

Kathy Parrish

Meet The Owner

Kathy Parrish is a compassionate Certified Relocation and Transition Specialist with a background in Geriatric Care Management, Home Care and Senior Living. Her extensive experience in the senior living industry allows her to seamlessly guide seniors through the moving process. Known for her patience and understanding, Kathy ensures that each transition is tailored to the unique needs and preferences of her clients. Her dedication to providing a supportive and caring environment sets her apart in the senior move management field.

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Let's Connect

Phone: (941) 380-MOVE (6683)
Email: kathy@wecaretn.com

Areas We Serve

Our team proudly serves clients in Southwest Florida including: Charlotte, Sarasota, Manatee, Collier and Lee Counties. We also provide out-of-state moves.

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